A Community on a Mission

Agape Fellowship is a community of believers where “love your neighbor as yourself” is not just a motto but a way of life. Jesus taught His disciples that people will know they are His disciples if they love one another and that is what we strive to live every day – in words and deeds. Pastor Gregory teaches the whole gospel of the love and grace of God; for it is God’s love that empowers us to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill our mission to positively impact the Delaware Valley with acts of love and words of encouragement. And together, as a community, by God’s grace, we will be just that – the love of Jesus Christ in action.

Our Vision

In Matthew 5 Jesus says that as His disciples we are the light of the world – and that is what we aim to be. Our vision is to be light in the world by preaching, teaching, and living the love of Jesus Christ. In a world darkened by hate, injustice, poverty, loneliness, and despair we want to live and to proclaim the good news of Jesus. The Agape Fellowship community will live out the good news, shinning as a beacon of hope and restoration in world that can be very dark.

Jesus Christ set His followers on a mission. He commissioned them to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, and to provide for the needs of the poor. At first, this mission would seem impossible. For sure, no one person working alone could do all of this; but a community, working together, whose foundation is God’s love, whose power comes from God could succeed at this mission. And not only that, but according to Jesus, we can do greater works than He did! (It’s right there in the Bible, see the Gospel of John 14:12) Now wouldn’t that be something to see.

Why not come, visit, join, and be a part of our Mission Possible?